Kushyfoot Socks for Yoga, Running, and More

Kushyfoot Socks Footwear

I tried a new-to-me brand of socks, Kushyfoot, this past week for my workouts.  Here’s a couple styles to consider whether you do yoga, hike, run, whatever.

Kushyfoot Yoga Socks (c/o)

Kushyfoot Socks 3

Kushyfoot Socks 1

I love yoga socks and as the mornings get cooler again, it’s nice to have that extra layer between you and the cold floor.  They were great for yoga and pilates and stayed put as I pivoted on my feet from warrior positions down to planks and back up again. The zig zag no-slip surface on the bottom worked great – no slipping while in split-leg downward dog!

The only negative is that I wished they were a no-show sock when heading to and from the gym.

Kushyfoot Low Cut Socks (c/o)

Kushyfoot Socks 2

I’ve been actually nursing some blisters on the back of my heels from wearing socks that were too low, so these are perfect for shoes that have a higher base. The added thickness on the heel and ball of the foot were great for my runs and day hikes. They wicked moisture well and were comfortable. My feet were happy. I’ve machine washed and dried both styles once and they held their shape and didn’t shrink. Yay!

Are you particular about the type of socks you wear for your activities?

To-the-Beat Upper Body Workout

If you can tap your toe to the beat of the music, then you can do this upper body workout! Pick any songs you like, have a variety of dumbbells, and get ready to work!

Upper Body Workout

Going at a variety of speeds helps to develop the muscle fully, which means more calories burned and a toner, leaner look!

Example: When performing a chest press…

  • Press up 2 counts of a song, then resist weight down 2 counts of a song for 4 repetitions
  • Press up 3, resist down 1 for 4 reps
  • Press up 1, resist down 3 for 4 reps
  • Press up 4, resist down 4 for 4 reps
  • Press up 1, resist down 1 for 8 reps

Upper Body Workout 1

That is 24 repetitions for each exercise. If you stick to the 8 count reps (exampled above), you’ll typically stay to the beat of the music. Do 1-3 set of each exercise.

You can find these exercises in more detail on my fitness library page here.

Noteworthy Pinterest Recipes

I’m on Pinterest all the time looking for new things to do and new recipes to try. I really do try new recipes weekly! There have been so many fails, but when I do find a few that I can add to my recipe rotation, it’s a nice surprise.

Here’s some new noteworthy recipes I found on Pinterest.  You can just click the photo for photo source, recipe information, and to pin for yourself.

For a snack or party…

Strawberry Banana Creams

Strawberry Banana Creams

Pretty presentation and the almonds add a nice crunch.

For a quick lunch…

Spinach and (Laughing Cow) Cheese Sandwiches w/ Marinara

Cheese and Spinach Sandwiches

I know, it doesn’t look that appetizing, but it’s easy and tastes great.

For a colorful dinner (I think this is my favorite new recipe)…

Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Ginger Peanut Dressing

Crunchy Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad

Seriously, so yummy!  I did the veggies separate to lighten the amount for my son (picky eater), but then dumped them in after I served him up.

Speaking of picky eaters…

Baked Panko Fish Sticks w/ Lemon Caper Mayo Dipping Sauce

Baked Panko Fish Sticks
Use light mayo and more lemon juice and capers for dipping sauce.

Okay, and one from me…

Sparkling Mango Peach Smoothie

Sparkling Mango Smoothie

Nice for a summer sparkly refresher!

You can also check out my other post for more noteworthy Pinterest recipes here.


Family Time: Snoqualmie Valley Trail

Snoqualmie Valley Trail

The Snoqualmie Valley Trail is a 31.5 mile trail that runs from Rattlesnake Lake to Duvall. We started in Carnation (parked at WA-203 & NE 60th St), and headed towards Duvall which is unpaved and flat. Quick note – there are designated parking areas a little farther north, if you don’t want to cross WA-203.

Snoqualmie Valley Trail 1

Snoqualmie Valley Trail 3

It’s great for a family bike ride or nature walk and really pretty with all the farms, green ponds, and canopy of trees. You’ll want to bring a container for blackberries.  There are blackberry bushes all along the trail.

Ladies, I wouldn’t go on this trail by yourself though. We were on it late Sunday morning, and barely passed anyone.

Snoqualmie Valley Trail 2

Snoqualmie Valley Trail 4

Mist ‘N Sip Review

Mist n Sip

We went to an outdoor wedding in Chelan over the weekend, so I knew it was going to be hot.  I looked for a fan or a mister that could do the job of cooling us off, but didn’t want something loud or that would draw attention to us.  After looking on Amazon, I decided on the O2COOL’s (insulated) Mist ‘N Sip Water Bottles and I know made the right choice!  Depending on the type and size of bottle, you can spend anywhere from $8 to about $25.

Mist n Sip 3

What I liked:

  • They hold 18 oz. of water.  Plenty for an evening of cooling mist for friends and family.
  • The bottle is easy to hold.
  • The mist is a perfect amount per spray.
  • You could easily drink out of the bottle (perfect for a bike ride or any cardio adventure).
  • The bottle will fit in most water bottle holders.
  • Lots of colors to choose from.
  • Wide mouth for ice (and cleaning).

Sip and Mist 1

How could it be improved:

  • I can only think of one.  Should have more size options for the insulated bottle – a smaller (maybe 8 oz size) for events like an outdoor wedding.

The kids had fun playing with them too – misting each other and trying to drink the mist…

Sip and Mist 2

It’s just one of those cool bottles that make you say…”Why didn’t I think of that?!”  You can check them out on Amazon here.

Hiking at Tiger Mountain

Tiger Mountain #3 Trail in Issaquah, WA (exit 20 off I-90) is a great place to get in a hike when you are short on time.  Take two rights off the freeway and you are there.  Don’t forget your Discover Pass (and maybe your bear spray)!

West Tiger 3 Trail

West Tiger 3 Trail 1

West Tiger 3 Trail 2

West Tiger 3 Trail 3

West Tiger 3 Trail 4

West Tiger 3 Trail 5

A huge thanks to Care Maree for going with me for some outdoor cardio (I don’t hike alone)!    Happy Friday and Get Outdoors!!