Picnic 2

A Pacific Northwest Weekend

It was a gorgeous weekend in the Pacific Northwest… We enjoyed our first picnic of 2015 with a Subway sandwich and some sun.   We kept things low key since we are still recovering from chest colds, but at least we got some fresh air! Did you guys get outdoors this weekend?   Do anything fun??


Immune Booster

Our family has been fighting a chest cold this week. It SUCKS!  I haven’t done a real cardio workout since Friday, but I’ve done some light weight/more reps for strength and restorative yoga to keep my sanity. *Here’s an immune booster juice you will want to drink so you guys don’t get it.  It tastes like a…


When Should I Stretch?

  Even though some experts believe that stretching is a waste of time and might increase your risk of injury, I personally feel it does the complete opposite – promotes self body awareness, prevents injuries, and increases mental relaxation and centering. There is a ton of research out there that supports both sides of these…