A 5K Interval Workout to do in West Seattle

Take your cardio workout outdoors! Keep your body guessing by varying your speeds with this interval training workout.   Interval training is simply going from a lower intensity of cardiovascular exercise (such as walking) to a higher intensity (jogging or running) and repeating for a set amount of time.

*A 5K (3.1 Mile) Interval Workout

Lincoln Park 5

Not a Runner?

That’s ok!  Train at different walking speeds instead.  It’s a 5K (3.1 miles), but you can easily repeat it to turn it into a 10K (6.2 miles), if you like.

No Holding-a-Latte-Speeds Here! 

Your walk isn’t a Sunday stroll pace - go to a point where you can say about 8 words without catching your breath.  When you get into the run pace, you still need to be able to say 4 words without catching your breath – work with oxygen!

Lincoln Park

Head to Lincoln Park in West Seattle (8011 Fauntleroy Way, Seattle, WA 98136).  Dress in layers for the waterfront wind, bring a water bottle, and get ready to work!  Park at the north parking lot and head south along the dirt/gravel path down to the waterfront.

Lincoln Park 1

Lincoln Park 4

Just follow the waterfront (north), you’ll eventually head out of the park onto Beach Dr. up a gradual slope. As the road turns to the left and you pass the 2nd bus stop, you are at the halfway mark (5Kers), turn around and head back!

Lincoln Park 2

Lincoln Park 3

Lincoln Park 6

You know you made it back to the parking lot when you see the grassy fields…Lincoln Park 7

Have a seat and Stretch it out before getting back into your car.  Your done!

*Consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Eco-Friendly Fitness Gear

Happy Earth Day!  Here’s some eco-friendly finds from Amazon that cause little to no harm on the environment and help inspire fitness:

1.  Eco-Friendly, Organic Yoga Mat by MRS Fitness (Amazon) $40-$45 with various color options.

Earth Day

2.  Full Circle Day Tripper 20 Ounce Glass Beverage Bottle (Amazon) $15 with various color options.

Earth Day 1

3. Men’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 Running Shoe (Amazon) $72-$120 with color options.  Also available in women’s style.

Brooks BioMogo – the first-ever biodegradeable running shoe midsole;  non-toxic, natural additive to the midsole enables it to biodegrade 50x faster than other midsoles without changing the performance or useful life of the shoe.

Earth Day 4

4.  Women’s Brooks Trance 12 Running Shoe (Amazon) $95-$150 with color options.  Also available in Men’s styles.  Also with Brooks BioMogo material.

Earth Day 5

5.  Sprout Cork Strap Eco-Friendly Watch (Amazon) $33 with other colors available.

Earth Day 6

6.  Resource Revival Recycled Bicycle Chain Bracelet (Amazon) $12

Earth Day 7

7. Smith Optics Lowdown Slim Glasses (Amazon) $68-$100 Men’s styles of Smith Optics with *Evolve frame material also available.

*Evolve Frame Material: Incorporting the revolutionary, Rilsan#&174; Clear material into what has become the largest eco-friendly sunglass collection in the world. This material allows to create lightweight, durable frames, that are over 53% bio-based. Rilsan® Clear is derived from the renewable, non-genetically modified castor plant. Most importantly, this material is not petroleum based.

Earth Day 8

Don’t forget to get outside and take your #GlobalSelfie today for Earth Day!  I’ll be taking mine a little later today.  Song of the day to help remind you to take part…”Let Me Take a Selfie!”.  :)

Update: Here’s my #GlobalSelfie before my run…

DVD Review: Calorie Killer Yoga

Calorie Killer Yoga

Calorie Killer Yoga is the latest DVD from Gaiam with Colleen Saidman.  Colleen is married to another yogi guru you may know, Rodney Yee.  Their styles are blending and they are quite similar now.  I really like her style of teaching and she cues well.

Calorie Killer Yoga 1

There are 5 practices on this DVD:

  1. Constant Cardio (23 min) - I probably like this one the best. Lots of eagle style poses, hops from wide angle squats to closed feet, planks to downward dogs, and yoga style crunches.
  2. Energy & Endurance (26 min) – Moves include downward dog w/ feet in a staggered stance (hopping to switch legs) – focus on using your abs for this exercise, helicopters w/ balance, and standing splits.
  3. Sustained Burn (25 min) – Moves include lots of variations of superman, seated boat/happy baby sequence from hands, hip openers, and chest openers.  I really like this one too.
  4. Rise & Shine (17 min) – Starts slower for a couple minutes with modified sun salutations, then picks up speed.  There are modified side planks to full planks and working in all planes of motion to wake up the body for your day.
  5. Balance & Restore  (20 min) – Lots of forward fold variations and focusing on the breath. This one is great for after a run.

There is also a segment called Calorie Killer (which combines the first 3 practices above continuously for a 75 minute workout).  I really like the three together.  You feel like you get a real balance of forward bending, back bending, and rotational movement patterns to balance the body.  There is a good amount of core work in there as well.  Yay!

Here’s the video preview Gaiam posted on YouTube:

This DVD is not for beginners at all.  You need to know yoga terminology, have good body awareness with the yoga positions, and some better than average flexibility.  There were some moves I had to modify myself due to my lack of flexibility (such as the kneeling crescent lunge with your back knee bent).

This workout does burn more calories than some other yoga practices, but to call it “calorie killer” may be a little extreme. Yoga is really more about body awareness and the breath.  You will build strength which will increase your metabolism, but to say it’s going to “torch calories” sounds like you will have your heart rate up the entire time, and that’s just not the case.

With that said, I still really liked this yoga workout and it’s nice have a challenge or a goal to work towards.  I bought my copy for about $13 on Amazon here.


pop quiz 3

Pop Quiz!

It’s time for another *physical fitness and wellness pop quiz!  Time to test your knowledge and we all know, knowledge is power. Answers are below the spring pictures (taken from my Utah road trip).

1.  What is the greatest benefit of being physically fit?

  • A.  absence of disease
  • B.  a higher quality of life
  • C.  improved sports performance
  • D.  better personal appearance
  • E.  maintenance of ideal body weight.

2.  Unhealthy fats include

  • A.  unsaturated fatty acids
  • B.  monounsaturated fatty acids
  • C.  polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • D.  saturated fats
  • E.  alpha-linolenic acid

3.  A daily expenditure of 300 calories through physical activity is the equivalent of approximately  _______________  pounds of fat per year.

  • A.  12
  • B.  15
  • C.  22
  • D.  27
  • E.  31

4.  Each additional pound of muscle tissue increases resting metabolism by

  • A.  10 calories.
  • B.  17 calories.
  • C.  23 calories.
  • D.  35 calories.
  • E.  50 calories.

5.  Drinking about a cup of cool water every __________ minutes seems to be ideal to prevent dehydration during exercise in the heat.

  • A.  5
  • B.  15 to 20
  • C.  30
  • D.  30 to 45
  • E.  60

pop quiz

pop quiz 2

pop quiz 1


1.  B.  There are many benefits of living an active lifestyle, but the greatest benefit is that physically fit individuals enjoy a better quality of life. These people live life to the fullest, with fewer health problems than inactive individuals (who may also indulge in other negative lifestyle behaviors).

2.  D.  The human body uses fats as a source of energy and helps to protect and cushion organs, but a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol increases the risk for heart disease.  Foods high in saturated fats are meats, animal fat, whole milk, cream, butter, cheese, ice cream, and hydrogenated oils.

3.  E.  300 (calories per day) x 365 (days in a year) / 3500 (calories in a pound of fat) = 31

4.  D.  Your resting metabolism is the amount of energy an individual requires during resting conditions to sustain proper body function.  Muscle tissue uses energy even at rest.  Even small increases in muscle mass may improve resting metabolism.  Each additional pound of muscle tissue increases resting metabolism by 35 calories per day.

5.  B.  The main objective of fluid replacement during prolonged aerobic exercise is to maintain the blood volume so circulation and sweating can continue at normal levels.  So, drinking about 6 to 8 ounces of cool water every 15 to 20 minutes during exercise seems to be ideal to prevent dehydration.

*These questions came from the Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness: A Personalized Program by Werner W.K. Hoeger and Sharon A. Hoeger.  This was my favorite textbook when I taught PE classes at a local community college.  See most current edition on Amazon here.

So, how did you do?  Did you learn something new?


Fit Style: You BOSU?




The Outfit: Old Navy track pants | Lole cardio top |  C9 by Champion sports bra  |  Saucony running shoes  | Suddora wrist sweatband (c/o)

The Equipment:  BOSU Balance Trainer

The Workout: BOSU Fitness Training Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

The BOSU is such a versatile piece of equipment to add to any home gym. You can use it for cardio, strength, flexibility, agility training, and balance.   Great to take outside on sunny spring days like this one earlier this week or keep it indoors on wet days (like Seattle today).  Just make sure your shoes are snug - no loose laces. Wear a cardio top like this one with a pocket for your iPod and some fun cropped track pants that allow freedom of movement to do tuck jumps, side lunges, and bridges.

Keep up with your spring training – summer will be here before you know it!


Agility Fitness Drill: 1 Foot Still

Agility training will help build your speed, quickness, and coordination for any activity you do. This means that all ages should be doing some sort of agility work, it’s not only for the young athletes. No gym required for this exercise, so you can be in the privacy of your own home! All you need is either tape, tubing, or chalk (if you are outside) and make the shape of a cross. Try this 4 square agility drill to train like an athlete and to burn extra calories.

1 Foot Still Drill

Four Square Drill:  1 Foot Still

Think of it as a light jog that is quick and athletic.  All you are doing is jogging right, left, right, left, but your left foot remains in the bottom left square (square 1) the entire time. Your right foot travels from squares 2,3,4,3 and 2 again.

1 Foot Still

Repeat sequence 10 times or 30 seconds, then stand in the bottom right square (square 2) and repeat with the left foot sequence (1,4,3,4,1).  Keep your hips facing forward and move your foot from square to square as fast as possible.

 Stay light on your feet and have fun!

Utah Road Trip!

We did decide to make the 18-hour drive to Utah for spring break. 18 hours of driving for 80 degree weather – I’ll take it!  We went to Arches National Park and saw The Balanced Rock…

Balanced Rock

This rock is the size of a house!  View from backside…

Balanced Rock 1

Hiked up to Delicate Arch…

Arches 2

Arches 3

Here’s the Double Arch…

Arches 1

and the North Window…


Camped in Moab at Goose Island for two of the nights…

Moab 2

Saw BASE jumpers jump off this cliff one early evening…


This paved trail goes right by the camp site and will take you to Arches.

Moab 3

Also biked at Dead Horse State Park (great family mountain bike trails)…

Dead Horse SP 3

View from trail…

Dead Horse SP 2

Dead Horse SP 1

Then had to check out Canyonlands National Park.  It is massive (and one of the quietest places in the US)…


There is a 15 minute walk to Mesa Arch – beware – it’s a scary cliff!

Canyonlands 1

Had to do one silly pic from Mesa Arch…

Canyonlands 2

When we were leaving Mesa Arch, there was one older guy (dumb*ss) that climbed on top of this arch and walked on it. So stupid, one strong wind or false step and your done. We did some research to see if any arches have fallen and there was one that fell in 2008 at Arches (at night though and no one was hurt).

We had a great trip, and I guess we brought the sun home with us too  - Yay!