Sauteed Apple

A Healthy Snack: Sautéed Apple

  Here’s a sweet treat you can whip up that’s less than 200 calories and considered a good source of fiber and vitamin C… Use any organic variety apple you have on hand with skin on to increase your fiber intake. A tablespoon of frozen vanilla greek yogurt would be a nice contrast to top this off (and roughly 35…

First Days of Summer Workout

First Days of Summer Workout!

Yay, it’s officially summer!  Time to hit the beach for your workouts. This *First Days of Summer Workout will target cardio, strength (emphasis on core and booty), and flexibility.  Get lean, get fit!! Workout Quick Tips: When walking on the beach, don’t make it a Sunday stroll – move! When jogging, I wrote paved trail, but dirt…

Be Led by Joy Find Your Joy

Be Led by Joy

Life is short, make it count.  Be led by what brings you joy. Spending a little time in nature is a must for me every week.  I don’t even know how many times I have parked at this mini parking lot close to my house (to take a walk through one of my dream neighborhoods) and…

Denny Creek Trail

Denny Creek Trail Photos

We spent yesterday (National Get Outdoors Day) up at the Denny Creek Trail. It’s a great hike for all ages. Here’s some photos of our adventure… Did you get a chance to get outside yesterday? No worries, you still have today! :)