Talus Rock Hike

Talus Rock Trail at Tiger Mountain

I was doing a TrailFit Hike with a client at Tiger Mountain and we stumbled upon the Talus Rock Trail (from the Tiger #3 Trail) – what a super cool surprise! I try to only take a couple shots when I’m with a client, but I just couldn’t help myself.  Sorry, Corky!!   The trailhead…

Yoga PopArt

Yoga Is Online Conference Review

I finished the Yoga Is Online Conference and wanted to tell you about the experience and that it’s still not too late to sign up yourself!  For $40 you get access to 34 teachers with 30 minute interviews and/or classes from each instructor with continued access to these classes and interviews for years to come. It’s…

Plank Motivation!

Plank Motivation!

Don’t want to do planks, but know you should? Put on your favorite song and count to be beat of the music!  Planks target your core muscles – all the muscles between your shoulders and hips. Every 8 count, try changing up your plank (*see video below).  You can do all 9 exercises modified from the knees,…

Total Body Bar Exercises

Total Body Bar Exercises 

*Get your workouts done fast with these 6 bar exercises that train the entire body! **Exercise details below from video clockwise from top left: Warrior Shoulder Press & Twist:  Position your lower body into a warrior two position (back foot turns in approximately 15 degrees and front foot at 90 degrees) with your bent knee directly over…


Beach Life

We had a quick trip to Cannon Beach this past weekend.  It was sunny, but pretty windy and smelly from the jellyfish-like Velella Velella that have washed up on the shores (in above photo).  We still managed to have fun and spend some quality time with the family.  Hope you had a great weekend too!